Lost encounter weekend

Asshole, MA I’d been through there once before with a couple of girls. That time we had stopped at McDonalds to use the bathroom, and even though I’d initially asked for the pit stop, I opted to hold it until we reached a more sympathetic bathroom at a tourist trap bookstore thirty miles farther down […]

Things I'd send

July 1.

Sara wasn’t really reading her book. Her hands were getting clammy from holding the waxy cover,  but she refused to put it down and admit defeat.  After all, she had left her phone at Monica’s house, and so this battered copy of Stephen King’s The Stand was all that was standing between her and staring […]

Sketches of public transit

The miracle of flight

BOS to CMH he’s been sniffling quietly since she left her caretaker, a husky woman with a similarly uncoordinated shade of falsely blonde hair, back at the airport. It was unclear how they had both made it back to the gate, only to part ways before we boarded the tiny regional jet. Since then she’s […]