Selected Work

One of the best parts of working at a University is the wide variety of projects that come my way. Below are highlights of this work, including website redesigns, print and social media campaigns, and video direction.

Website Redesigns

College of Engineering Website

ENG Website Deployment and Phase II Process

This website launched just a week before I started at the College of Engineering. It was up to me to complete the college’s transition from a siloed collection of HTML websites to a streamlined site with multiple contributors.
I supervise and train new site contributors, and provide guidance on best practices across the college.

College of Fine Arts Website Redesign

Probably the most rewarding professional challenge I’ve had at Boston University. This project involved meeting with and meeting the needs of, hundreds of stakeholders across the three schools in the College of Fine Arts, and the University at large. The result was a beautiful, functional website that highlighted the vibrancy of the curriculum and the talent of our student body.

Video Direction

Undergraduate Research Series

This documentary series highlights the diverse range of summer research projects students undertake across the college. In the playlist above, students are developing soft robotics, working with quantum dots, and optimizing 3-d metal printing.

It is, hands-down, my favorite project every year.

Recruitment Collateral

Engineering Undergraduate Recruitment Series

The College of Engineering has a history of producing materials that are, to put it politely, inconsistent. The goal with this project was to create bold, engaging undergraduate recruitment materials that also articulate the school’s brand and identity.

Internal Campaigns


The College of Engineering is spread across many buildings and departments, but it is united by the College mission: Creating the Societal Engineer. I worked with Undergraduate affairs and a focus group of students to create this hashtag, and it has been a handy tool to track internal events and generate enthusiasm among prospective students.
*this embed app is buggy, and does not always display correctly. I assure you that the hashtag does exist!

#myCFA Campaign-College of Fine Arts

I created this hashtag in 2012, and it is still going strong. Initially, it was one part of a campaign centered around alumni nostalgia, but I saw its potential to become a community rallying point. I had stickers, temporary tattoos, and buttons made with the hashtag, and distributed them at events. Sure enough, students started sporting their swag, and more importantly, using the hashtag at their exhibitions and performances. I used the app IFTTT to set up an action where every photo using the hashtag was automatically downloaded to a google drive folder. Suddenly we had rich, authentic photography of our student body making art.

Award-winning broadsheet

Spark: Issues 1–3

SPARK is an award-winning broadsheet combining visual storytelling, original articles and interviews centered on the promotion of events and initiatives at the College of Fine Arts. Truly a collaborative labor of love among the members of the CFA communications team, I contributed original writing, interviews, photography, as well as editorial/art direction.