Fictions, Sketches of public transit

Friend in low places.

he trenchcoat mafia has given up on reigns of terror to snapchat themselves vaping behind Rite Aid. They stand four parking spaces apart, silent and hunched over phones, attempting to get the best shot of themselves blowing fruit punch scented smoke. They reach social media climax simultanously, wordlessly shoving their phones into baggy pockets and […]

Sketches of public transit


he grey sky is hitting the grey water, and the view all the way up to what my Mapquest printout tells me is Nahant is a vast blob of grey, except for a whopper of a retirement home: a buff pink ziggurat rising grandly behind some scrubby shrubs The ocean smells like the hot sweet […]

Sketches of public transit

The miracle of flight

BOS to CMH he’s been sniffling quietly since she left her caretaker, a husky woman with a similarly uncoordinated shade of falsely blonde hair, back at the airport. It was unclear how they had both made it back to the gate, only to part ways before we boarded the tiny regional jet. Since then she’s […]