Fictions, Sketches of public transit

Friend in low places.

he trenchcoat mafia has given up on reigns of terror to snapchat themselves vaping behind Rite Aid. They stand four parking spaces apart, silent and hunched over phones, attempting to get the best shot of themselves blowing fruit punch scented smoke. They reach social media climax simultanously, wordlessly shoving their phones into baggy pockets and […]


Boy makes good.

ay had always been a nice, well-behaved boy. When we was in grade school together he was always the lead choirboy, while I was always in detention. I don’t remember Ray having the voice of an angel or nothing, but he had a big head of blonde hair and a big set of blue eyes, […]


Lost encounter weekend

Asshole, MA I’d been through there once before with a couple of girls. That time we had stopped at McDonalds to use the bathroom, and even though I’d initially asked for the pit stop, I opted to hold it until we reached a more sympathetic bathroom at a tourist trap bookstore thirty miles farther down […]