Emily is a writer, fiber artist, curator, consultant, helper, joke-cracker, and person with a day job because those other things don’t pay that great or have health insurance. As an undergrad, she honed her creative writing chops at Alfred University under the tutelage of the incredibly patient Ben Howard and the incredibly flippant Michael McDonough. She then got her MA in Art Gallery & Museum Studies in Manchester, England, where she worked on a major national exhibition of English Art Deco ceramics, and wrote a dissertation about Decorative Arts she’s extremely proud of, even if she still gets nightmares that someone will ask her what said dissertation is about.*

Because nobody in her native Ohio informed Emily that a career in museums in the United States is most successfully realized if one has a trust fund, or at the very least, a car to live out of, she has built her career in academia, working first in the Fine Arts, and most recently in Engineering. Working in these two disciplines is more similar than either discipline would like to admit.

Emily is currently developing a podcast called Wade. She originally thought about calling the podcast Working Stuff Out, then decided that title was too cumbersome to say, so she changed the name of the podcast to her last name—a verb describing the act of walking awkwardly through knee-high water. Which felt right.

Emily is not a good swimmer.

*Actually it’s about this, this, and this. Oh, and this.